Current situation and measures*

* valid since Monday, 8 November 2021

Gastronomy, hotels and accommodation are open. In public areas, the so-called "2G rule" has been in force since 8 November: access is possible for vaccinated and recovered persons. The 2G rule applies to persons aged 12 and over. For Austrian children, the Ninja Pass is valid as 2G proof. Children from Germany under the age of 12 must - in contrast to the rule in Austria - always undergo a five-day quarantine, regardless of what measures apply to the parents. Anyone who is fully immunised is considered to have been vaccinated - proof is issued on the day of the second vaccination.

Gastronomy and accommodation (2G rule)

  • Since 8 November, the so called 2G rule has been in force throughout Austria for all catering and accommodation establishments: Admission only if vaccinated or recovered. 
  • To protect employees and guests, "Safe Hospitality" testing program is extended (PCR tests 1 time per week).

Nachtgastronomie und Après-Ski (2G-Regel)

  • Generell gelten für Après-Ski die gleichen Regeln wie für die Nachtgastronomie.
  • Für Betriebe der Nachtgastronomie sowie Après-Ski wird ab 8. November die 2G-Regel (geimpfte und genesene Besucher erhalten Zutritt – Wegfall von Testungen) eigeführt.
  • Auch Gemeinden sollen künftig strengere Maßnahmen wie reduzierte Sperrstunden und Pausensperrstunden verabschieden können.

Cable cars (2G rule)

  • Wearing an FFP2 mask in closed or coverable means of transport (gondolas, cabins, coverable chairlifts) as well as in closed rooms of the associated stations.
  • 2G proof to be checked when tickets are sold
  • If tickets are issued by third parties (travel agencies, hotels, group organisers, schools, etc.), the operator fulfils his control obligation if he ensures that the third party carries out the control at the issuing point.
  • In the case of multi-day and season tickets, the ski tickets are only activated for the period of validity of the respective proof.
  • If multi-day and season tickets were already sold prior to the entry into force of this ordinance, the obligation to check shall be fulfilled in any case if, for example, the card is blocked and the 2G verification is checked in the course of the renewed activation.
  • With regard to the obligation to transport in the event of failure to comply with the prescribed measures, reference is made to the circular issued by the supreme cableway authority.

Your safety comes first

Adjusted booking conditions for the winter season 2021/2022

A free cancellation by the holidaymaker, as well as by the accommodation company is possible EVERY TIME for reservations until arrival, SO FAR ...

  • the journey to Austria is not possible due to border closures or there is an official closure of the accommodation facilities.

However, there is no cancellation protection if you cannot or do not want to start the trip because you are worried about infection. In this case, a free cancellation can be made by both parties up to 30 days (instead of 3 months) before the agreed date of arrival. Gladly, in the event of cancellation, the full amount of the payment(s) made, less the cost of any cancellation insurance taken out, can be applied to a future holiday. You will receive a credit note from us for your next pampering holiday.

For a carefree winter holiday and comprehensive all-round protection, we strongly recommend that you take out cancellation insurance with "Europäische Reiseversicherung".

In the event of cancellation of a booking prior to the commencement of the trip WITHOUT the cancellation insurance offered by us, for a reason that does not qualify as a cancellation event under the trip cancellation insurance or our adapted COVID-19 agreement, the following cancellation costs are to be borne: 

  • 3 months to 1 month before the agreed arrival date 40% of the total arrangement price (regular)
  • up to 1 week before the agreed arrival date 70% of the total arrangement price
  • in the week of arrival 90% of the total arrangement price

The Austrian Hotel Contract Conditions apply.

Stand: November 2021
Wir weisen darauf hin, dass sich alle Bestimmungen zu jeder Zeit ändern bzw. Anpassungen vorgenommen werden können.