My Spa tip in Nauders in Tyrol.

Spa Suite

Spa-Suite: Caribbean experience

75 Min.Euro 83,- p.p.
Start your pampering experience with a sea sand
Coconut peeling and a soothing private steam bath. Pure relaxation and care. A bath spoiled with exotic scents and nourishing oils
Their skin. We serve a Caribbean cocktail. This ritual is completed by a rest period in our pampering oasis.

Spa-Suite: Aroma Feeling

105 Min.Euro 134,- p.p.
Your pampering lessons begin with an oil-salt massage, which intensively cleanses and perfects your skin. Afterwards, relax in the private steam room. A gentle massage with high quality
Oil seduces you into a realm of the senses. Then rest and relax in the private pampering oasis. The "aroma-feeling" experience is accompanied by a glass of Prosecco.

Spa-Suite: Time for us

65 Min.Euro 90,- p.p.
Eine Vier-Hände-Symphonie für Körper, Geist und Seele. Diese Wohlfühl-Massage genießen Sie gemeinsam. Düfte, Aromen und wundervolle Öle verwöhnen und entspannen.