The current weather in Nauders at the Reschen Plateau

  • 28.01.2022morning
    Temperature-2°C/28°FSunshine0%Freezing level900
  • 28.01.2022afternoon
    Temperature-4°C/25°FSunshine20%Freezing level700
  • 29.01.2022Saturday
    Temperature1°C/34°FSunshine40%Freezing level1700
  • 30.01.2022Sunday
    Temperature-3°C/27°FSunshine30%Freezing level800
  • Trend 
    TemperatureSunshineFreezing level

ForecastWith the dominant airflow swinging to the north now, humid polar air moves in. The day will bring us no sunshine, but occasional snowfall.

TrendSaturday morning will still be cloudy and showers cannot be excluded. In the course of the day, however, the sun will gain the upper hand.
Sunday will bring deterioration in the weather once again.