The current weather in Nauders at the Reschen Plateau

  • 25.07.2021morning
    Temperature15°C/59°FSunshine50%Freezing level4100
  • 25.07.2021afternoon
    Temperature17°C/63°FSunshine30%Freezing level3900
  • 26.07.2021Monday
    Temperature17°C/63°FSunshine60%Freezing level3900
  • 27.07.2021Tuesday
    Temperature18°C/64°FSunshine60%Freezing level4000
  • Trend 
    TemperatureSunshineFreezing level

ForecastOn Saturday, the airflow swung to the south and brought a bit more humid maritime air to our region, which increased the risk of thunderstorms. For Sunday, no change is expected:
The air arriving here is not humid enough to prevent the sun from shining, but it will still produce thunderstorms in the afternoon and in the evening.

TrendMonday and Tuesday will remain cloudy with thunderstorms and sunny spells.