The current weather in Nauders at the Reschen Plateau

  • 18.05.2022morning
    Temperature11°C/52°FSunshine80%Freezing level3600
  • 18.05.2022afternoon
    Temperature19°C/66°FSunshine70%Freezing level3700
  • 19.05.2022Thursday
    Temperature21°C/70°FSunshine80%Freezing level4000
  • 20.05.2022Friday
    Temperature22°C/72°FSunshine80%Freezing level4000
  • Trend 
    TemperatureSunshineFreezing level

ForecastWarm, humid air masses remain stationary over Central Europe. They will bring a calm, yet partly overcast morning and a bright afternoon. With the air becoming muggier throughout the day, thunderstorms will break out towards evening.

TrendThe ideal holiday weather will become even more stable during the following days. The risk of thunderstorms will be low during the next few days and the weather will remain bright. It will get warmer.